Since becoming popular, swegways have faced a number of problems - they are illegal on the roads (not to mention dangerous), illegal on the pavements, can only be ridden in gardens and houses, and you need an smooth surface to ride on. The quality of swegways varies from completely safe to fire hazard and they are expensive. Swegway Park offers solutions to these problems.
Safety is our number 1 priority and Swegway Park has been designed with customer safety in mind. Before you can enter the Park, there is a safety video to watch on the do's and don'ts of swegway riding. Customers then start off in the Beginners' Zone, where they can practise and become familiar with riding a swegway. This area is specifically designed for those who have never been on a swegway before and there are handrails to offer support and padded flooring in case you should fall. There are many areas in the Park where you can practise on your own and the design of the course means you are never too far from something to hold onto. There is protective padding throughout and our staff are there to offer first aid.
All customers are provided with safety gear to minimise the risk of injury. We provide helmets to protect you against bumps to the head and knee and elbow pads to protect against scrapes.

We take the risk of fire seriously as there have been many reports of cheap swegways catching fire. For this reason, we use only the best UK supplier who have done rigorous testing to make sure their swegways are safety compliant.